Why Chinese people want Aussie Goods

August 16 2016

China has been hit by a wave of embarrassing scandals in recent years over dangerous products including food, drugs and toys. In 2008, more than 13,000 children were hospitalised after consuming toxic milk powder leading to a health scare among Chinese consumers.

Although the Chinese government takes strict measures against toxic food and fake products, Chinese consumers lost confidence with Chinese products. On the other hand, consumption patterns in China have changed significantly as living standards have risen and more consumers are exposed to a greater diversity of choices, both domestically and through travelling abroad.

China is not only the largest consumer market for food and beverage, but also the biggest importer of agriculture products globally. In 2015, the overall Chinese consumer expenditure for dairy products was more than RMB35 billion ($7 billion AUD) with 70% of the expenditure spent on foreign products. Australia is recognised by China as having a clean and green environment with quality and organic products and brands. Australian beef, dairy product, wine, seafood and fruit are the five most popular Australian products in China.

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