Survey : Challenges Australian SMEs face doing business in China?

September 09 2017

The recent Australia-China free trade agreement (Aust-China FTA) is recognition of the important trade relationship between both countries. To help SMEs (small to medium sized enterprises) take full advantage of the Aust-China FTA, University of South Australia Business School is conducting a project to investigate ways to increase Australian SME international engagement with China, by identifying appropriate strategies to address the macro and micro influences and cultural perceptions towards risk and uncertainty in the pre-export/market entry phase and the growth and consolidation phase of SME development. The findings will provide insights into how Australian internationalising SMEs can take maximum advantage of opportunities with China through the initial market entry and venture creation phase and later growth and consolidation phases of their firms.
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This Survey and Final Report is fully endorsed by the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) in Canberra, and the Export Growth China program and China Practice, NSW Business Chamber in Sydney. We thank all national bodies for their interest and support. 
This project has been approved by the University of South Australia's Human Research Ethics Committee.
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