New Policy On Import Of Non-Special Use Cosmetic In Pudong Port At Shanghai

May 08 2017

On 1st March 2017, the import of non-special purpose cosmetics filing system was officially launched in Shanghai Pudong New Area. In the future, it will greatly shorten the time for products like liquid foundation, lipstick, mask and other non-special use of cosmetics to enter into the Chinese market, which means that Chinese domestic consumers are expected to use the world's latest cosmetics.
According to the new record management regulations, from 1st March 2017 to 21st December 2018, where the import from the Shanghai Pudong New Area port, and the territory of the person in charge of registration in the Pudong New Area for the first time the import of non-special purpose cosmetics, is adjusted from current approval management to the new record management. The responsible person in accordance with the record management requirements can carry out the relevant business activities once the relevant materials are submitted to the record.

Previously, the import of non-special purpose cosmetics is subject to the import approval system. The product must obtain the approval from the State Food and Drug Administration before the import contract is signed. It is difficult for enterprise to arrange their own time to market.

On the day, 1st March 2017, when the record system was launched, L’Oréal International Group Shanghai Limited, Shiseido (China) Investment Limited, and other international cosmetics companies become the first batch of companies who successfully registered the domestic responsible person in the name of the enterprise in the State Administration’s "record information management system". Follow-up procedures will be carried out on the import of cosmetics for the record.

L’Oréal relevant responsible person said: "In the current system, we can save nearly 3 months of time to market. Shortened the listing period, we will be able to bring new products as soon as possible to the Chinese market." Shiseido’s responsible person said that the make-up season is very strong, the implementation of the New Deal makes the product can be listed early. Furthermore companies can save more time costs and Chinese domestic consumers are expected to experience the latest international non-special cosmetics.