Interview with Export Growth China Participant- Star Combo

September 18 2017

Q: You’ve been one of the leading distributors and manufacturers of premium natural beauty and health products since established in 2001, offering premium health products made with the natural ingredients sourced locally to the international markets. What made you identify China as a market you’d like to target?
A: Financially independent and increasing consumer interest in the prevention of diseases and overall health maintenance, China is already the world’s most health conscious. Due to large and high requirement of demanding the supplement of China market is expanding as well.  Star combo are capable provide the most nature and healthy products to the market.

Q:Had you any prior experience in trying to break into China prior to this, and if so, what did this involve? And what did you do to try to break into this market?
A:For the Last 5 years we have been researching the registration process for Health Supplement and Skin care products in china. We have filed applications for trade marks in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Viet Nam. In last 2 year, we have employed to establish a social media presence.

Q:How did you get involved in the Export Growth China program?
A:Last year we visited Chamber’s Shanghai  showroom and decided to join in.

Q:What are some of the ways Export Growth China has been able to help you, which you perhaps wouldn’t have been able to do by yourself?
A:One particular area I think the programs excel is that the leads generated are highly qualified. We believe that Chinese distributors that have formed an association with or have expressed interest in Export Growth China program are that they are dealing with high quality goods and that the program is closely associated with Australia Government affiliations.  

Q: In your experience, what are some of the challenges for Australian companies trying to get a foot in the door in China?
A:Clearly in my view, one of the biggest complications relates to the changing regulatory landscape offered by the Chinese government. It is confusing and difficult.

Q:In your opinion, what is the secret to having a successful initial conversation with a distributor? For example, what information do you need to go in there with? Are there any cultural factors you need to take into account?
A:Good quality, good price always the key factor to start a business with our distributor and we have a strong marketing team to support them. We welcome worldwide distributor cooperate with us, there’s no culture factors but depends on the demand of market and export regulator of different country. 

Q:How have you benefited from being part of the Export Growth China program? Has this lead to any solid leads/business?
A: Yes, we have several leads that we are flowing up which resulted in introductions from Export Growth China program.

Q:What advice/tips do you have for other SMEs who are interested in exporting to China?
A:Research; gather as much information about the market and how your products may be accepted in the marketplace. Associate yourself with quality contacts and Programs such as Export Growth China program.