Gong xi fa cai

February 08 2016

Happy New Year – in February?

Chinese New Year is a celebration of Spring and due to the Lunar direction of the festival it’s not fixed and tends to fall in February. The Chinese Government’s “holiday economy” lengthens the festival’s official 5 day paid holiday days by combining the weekend either side. It’s symbolic of the new Chinese focus of improved quality of life, when travelling, spending and relaxing is promoted across the country and is one of the three annual “Golden Weeks” 

The Chinese New Year is quite similar to Christmas in that they are both focused on family reunion, feasting and exciting gifts. The Spring Festival celebrates with lots of wishes for good luck and wellbeing, and warding off evil spirits with fire crackers (although sadly this is banned these days due to pollution).
2016 is the year of the Fire Monkey. Monkeys are clever, cheeky and observant animals. If you want your finances to be prosperous, then you need to outsmart the Monkey. Things may change rather quickly this year, so make sure you are confident before making big decisions.