Export Growth China is On Spending Spree to Promote Program Participants

September 18 2017

In the past 24 months, we have done 10 roadshow workshops, exhibited at 15 leading consumer goods/food and beverage exhibitions, hosted 5 Receptions, run 8 quarterly Showcase of Australian Business Excellences, published over 50 EDM and numerous articles and social media releases to promote program participants’ products and endorse their brands to China. Australian Political leaders and celebrities such as The Hon. Andrew Robb ( Former Minister for Trade), Mike Baird (NSW Premier when he visited our showroom), Tim Cahill (Former Socceroo Captain) and now The Hon. Niall Blair (NSW Minister for Trade) have all visited our showroom in Shanghai and helped promote Australian products and brands to China.

Here are some of our exciting events photos and media releases: