Congratulations Nova Springwater!

December 18 2015

Today our Export Growth China member Nova Springwater sent their first container to a Chinese buyer - Nitin Lotliker the Director wrote to us: 

Many thanks to you and your colleagues at the Chamber, who work tirelessly to deliver results to its members.
We at Nova Springwater appreciate all the support provided to achieve our goals,our focus is not always only on our Profitability, but also on our Community.
With our participation in the Export Growth China(EGC) program we were excited about the opportunities available to us, now with the establishment of ChaFTA, we are even more excited to achieve greater successes fairly quickly.
We would like to extend our participation in the program for the next 6 months, but I think just additional 6 months is not adequate to bag a first few orders and the renewal period should be for another 12 month period, I think...

Well Done Team EGC.