China's growing middle class and their desire for Aussie products

August 25 2016

We learned in last week’s newsletter, as the living standards in China increase, so too does their desire for quality Australian products.

With the rising income of China’s middle class, sending children abroad to gain an international education has become a fast growing trend.  Currently, we have over 100,000 internationally-enrolled, Chinese students studying and living in Australia and the number is steadily rising.  Along with these students, we also benefit from the families and friends that travel to visit them and like to spend up big while here.  2016 has seen the number of Chinese visitors to Australia exceed 1 million for the first time and it isn’t slowing down.

These students and visitors are enjoying the Australian lifestyle and products first-hand, travelling home armed with suitcases full of gifts to excitedly share with their peers.  How are you taking advantage of the visitor market and opportunities it creates for your products in China?

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