China News - March edition

March 13 2017

We have witnessed the changing trends in Chinese consumer behaviour over the last 24 months, a result of evolving lifestyle choices, consumer mentality and a rapidly growing population. Here are some great articles we have found that provides considerable insight into these trends.

Top 10 Provincial Regions with Fastest Economic Growth
China's top regions by GDP growth last year were Tibet, Chongqing, Guizhou, Jiangxi, Tianjin, Yunnan, Anhui, Fujian, Hubei, Henan and Ningxia with growth ranging from 8.1% to 11.5% versus China's 6.7% growth overall.
23 February 2017; Chinadaily

China wine market set to take number two spot
The Chinese middle class continues to grow with e-commerce wine sales expected to continue to contribute to value increases. China is predicted to become the world’s second most valuable wine market by 2020, according to research released in 2 March 2017.
2 March 2017; Just Drinks

Top Nine Priorities of Govt for 2017
Beijing's priorities for the year: 1. Pushing ahead with the five priority tasks through reform; 2. Deepening reform in major sectors and key links; 3. Doing more to unleash the potential of domestic demand; 4. Transforming and upgrading the real economy through innovation; 5. Promoting steady development of agriculture and continued increases in rural incomes; 6. Actively expanding China's opening up to the world; 7. Effectively strengthening environmental protection; 8. Promoting social development to ensure and improve the wellbeing of our people; and 9. Strengthening the all-around improvement of government. 
5 March 2017; China Daily

China’s $200b dining out scene draws foreign dairy firms
Dutch dairy cooperative Royal FrieslandCampina opened a training kitchen in Shanghai in January, joining Fonterra in teaching Chinese cooks how to use milk-based products and incorporate them into popular dishes.
6 March 2017; The Sydney Morning Herald

British beer exports to China up 500%
The British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA) credits the growth to increased interest in British beer, also boosted by pictures of Chinese president Xi JinPing enjoying a beer with former prime minister David Cameron in 2015.
7 March 2017; Beverage Daily