ChAFTA and Trade Opportunities Workshop in Shanghai

November 04 2016


Organized by Australian Business Chamber and CCPIT Shanghai Sub-Council, Supported by Austrade and Shanghai Pudong Commission of Commerce, the ChAFTA and Trade Opportunities workshop was successfully held in Pudong New Area in Shanghai. Over 80 audiences from varies industries participated the workshop which including food & beverage, cosmetics, health care, finance and government associations.
Key speakers at the workshop including:

Mr. Qiu Xiangrong  
Vice Chairman of CCPIT Pudong

Mr. Li Tao  
Director of Pudong Commission of Commerce

Mr. Deng Hongliang
Director of Shanghai Pudong Customs

Mr. Brent Moore
Trade Commissioner /Consul (Commercial), Austrade Shanghai

Ms. Xiaoya Wei
China Country Manager, Australian Business Chamber

Mr. Alfred Gauci
Managing Director, Australia First Choice Company


During the workshop, Mr. Qiu Xiangrong has delivered his welcome speech on behalf of CCPIT Shanghai Sub-Council to all the participated parties and audience. Mr. Li Tao from Pudong Commission of Commerce introduced Shanghai Free Trade Zone and the trading between Australian and Shanghai Pudong New Area in 2015. Mr. Deng Hongliang from Shanghai Pudong Customs introduced practical information about custom clearance under ChAFTA. Mr. Brent Moore gave presentation about Snapshot of Australian Food Under ChAFTA. Ms. Xiaoya Wei introduced Australian Business Chamber Shanghai Showroom and trade opportunities that Australian Business Chamber brought to Chinese buyers. Mr. Alfred Gauci, Australian Business Chamber’s EGC exporter has been invited to give a speech about his milk powder products.
After the speech, a Q & A and free discussion section has been arranged to answer the questions from the participated audience which including the ChAFTA, China policies and trade opportunities between China and Australia.

Australian Business Chamber has further enhanced it’s exposure to trade leveraging CCPIT and Austrade endorsement. We have also expanded our database from CCPIT Pudong and Austrade membership. As the warm up for 7th November FHC trade fair, we’ve generate more potential buyers to visit to our booth through the event. This has also been a great exposure for our EGCers as all the products has been introduced through presentation and collaterals. Especially for the EGCer come onsite, Australian First Choice company has gained quite a few potential business leads on site during the event.

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Mr. Qui Xiangrong, gave a speech                                  Mr. Li Tao, gave a speech

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Presentation by Mr. Brent Moore, Trade Commissioner         Presentation by Xiaova Wei, China Conurty Manager

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Presentation by Alfred Gauci, Managing Director                   Audience on site