Aussie cherry growers - start planning for CNY 2019 now!

May 10 2018

According to the largest cherry producer in Chile, the preferred type of cherry for Chinese consumers has the following features:
  • Sweet
  • Firm,
  • 28-30mm in radius,
  • Dark red in colour

Image credit: Liz West on flickr.

Chinese New Year’s dinners have increasingly included such imported fresh produce as Australian beef, Danish shrimp, Chilean salmon and other imported meat and seafood; for gifting.

Key consumer insight: 40% of JD International shoppers are below the age of 34.
They are more interested in less well-known brands, and are likely to be influenced by media and hot trends.
Imported fresh produce was purchased not just for consumption at home but also

Opportunities for your business
This heralds a great opportunity for Australian companies to tap into the CNY market - the single most important festive season - by introducing more fresh produce - particularly if the produce is available with gift-wrapping and presentation.
We recommend you consider pitching internationalism and trendiness to young consumers, and health & nutrition to mid-aged or older shoppers.

Countries in Southeast Asia and South America have become the main sources of competition for Australian fresh produce in the China market.