A fresh flavour for Chinese New Year

May 10 2018

This year a new major trend we identified during the New Year celebrations was the increase in popularity of imported fresh food.
  • Cross-border E-Commerce platforms have injected some “international” flavours into Chinese New Year shopping habits. More and more consumers opted to buy imported fresh food produces to celebrate their Chinese New Year Holidays;
  • “Health and Delicacy” are the new criteria for consumers to shop for CNY, and imported fresh produces have reaped the most benefits;
  • According to JD.com the most popular (by sales volume) imported fresh produce during the 2018 CNY periods included:
  1. Red shrimp from Argentina,
  2. Imported avocado,
  3. Cherry from Chile,
  4. Pitaya from Vietnam,
  5. Red grapefruit from Israel
  6. Blueberry from Chile,