Export Readiness Report

Want to Export to China? Our Program begins by identifying if your product or service is exportable, asking;
  • How unique is your product or service?
  • Can the product or service adapt to suit the China market?
  • Have you assessed the differences between Australia’s and China’s market place and the customer needs? 
  • Can your product or service provide value to the world’s largest market place?
To get the answers we have developed a complete diagnostic tool - the Export Readiness Report. This will uncover areas for improvement and identify any potential roadblocks which may hamper your export success in China. 

Our experienced consultants analyse the information provided to identify an individual pathway for the success of your exporting business. Each report is created via an online diagnostic tool, reviewed personally by one of our consultants and then emailed to you with an assessment of your readiness to export to China.
Once your Export Readiness Report is complete our team will translate your product and company information into Mandarin for use in the buyer matching process.

To find out more about the tools available in the Export Growth China Program, register your interest.

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