Want to export to China?
Why you need Export Growth China?

Export Growth China is dedicated for and dedicated to SME’s

Export Growth China addresses the gap in the market to provide export assistance to SME’s, and the only dedicated Chamber export program that connects SME products and services with China export opportunities.

Export Growth China is a low risk and affordable solution

Export Growth China reduces the risk to SME Exporters by offering;
  • A low cost export program, from $5k.
  • No requirement for you to register your product in China.
  • Samples provided only to qualified buyers ensuring they are only shared with a high potential audience.

Export Growth China gives you access to the support you need

End to end assistance from identification of opportunity to an export sale. Export Growth China is a hand holding process to export into the world’s biggest and most complex market place – China. Export Growth China can provide varying levels of support from DIY to fully outsourced dependant on your needs.

Export Growth China presents your products or services in a centrally located Shanghai showroom

Visited by thousands of potential buyers each month, the showroom is located in a bustling trade centre a short distance from the CBD.

Export Growth China is supported by major strategic partners in Australia and China

Export Growth China is an initiative of the Australian Chamber movement and received funding from the Australian Government as part of the Asian Business Engagement Plan and also endorsed by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT).